Charles G. Petrunin, MD

​Charles G. Petrunin, MD

Specialist Training

  • MD: University of Nevada School of Medicine
  • Residency: Mayo Graduate School of Medicine
  • Fellowship: Oregon Health & Science University

Charles Petrunin grew up in Lake Tahoe. He earned a biology degree from San Diego State University before moving on to the University of Nevada School of Medicine. Dr. Petrunin is a member of American Society of Clinical Oncology and American Society of Hematology. Married with two adult children, Dr. Petrunin enjoys skiing, horse racing and college football.

“My drive to become an oncologist comes from personal experience. Just before finishing my undergraduate degree in biology, my grandmother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She had been a rock in my life. Naive to medicine and cancer treatment at the time, my family felt uneasy with the decisions made and communication offered by her cancer doctors. She was struggling and failing quickly. My wife and I needed to move from Southern California to San Francisco for graduate school. Our family decided to take a desperate leap of faith and we moved my grandparents with us into a two bedroom apartment… lock, stock and chemo. We searched for cancer doctors in Northern California and found two outstanding physicians both willing to help my grandmother and our family. The stark contrast in compassion, communication and caring we witnessed and experienced made an indelible impression on me. At that time I was convinced not only to seek medicine as a career but cancer care as a passion. I wanted to be a doctor that could make that same connection with my patients and their families.”Chuck Petrunin, MD