Financial Counseling

The Cost of Cancer

As cancer care improves, the cost of new medications goes up. New treatments are extending and saving lives, but they are also expensive. We offer every patient an opportunity to talk with our financial counselors. Let us help you manage your way through chemotherapy and the financial challenges you might face.

Reducing the Financial Stress of Cancer

Our financial counselors will support you and your loved ones every step of the way. We can provide information about:

“A patient told me last week how grateful they were that we are willing and able to help them financially at such a difficult time in their life. She said, ‘The doctors make us survive, but you help us to live.’ I’m fortunate to get to do the work I do!!” Patti – Financial Counselor

  • specialized foundations offering assistance.
  • co-pay cards to assist with insurance balances.
  • payment assistance for uninsured and under-insured people who need medications.
  • the Salem Cancer Institute, offering financial help, transportation arrangements, and a variety of support services.
  • the Willamette Valley Cancer Foundation, providing valuable support in McMinnville.