May 20th is Clinical Trials Day – Clinical trials bring new medicine to the patients who need it most

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What are Clinical Trials?

Clinical Trials are research studies that help doctors find new and better ways to detect, treat and prevent cancer and other diseases. Research at OOS focuses on the development of new treatments, tests, or screening protocols, and captures data to detect patterns and trends.

Leading-edge oncology treatments

As a patient at Oregon Oncology Specialists, you have access to leading-edge treatment opportunities through our clinical trials program. Our program provides new and innovative options that would not otherwise be available.

Clinical trials are research studies that evaluate a new medical treatment. For some patients, they can prove very beneficial, providing access to advanced care. For that reason, a clinical trial is an important option to consider when deciding on your treatment plan.

Why are clinical trials important?

Today, people are living longer lives from successful cancer treatments made possible by developments and new therapies tested in clinical trials. Through clinical trials, physicians find new ways to prevent, detect, and treat cancer. They also determine whether new treatments are safe and effective and work better than current treatments.

Is a Clinical Trial right for me?

At OOS, we are committed to bringing novel therapies and research opportunities to you, here in our community. Our research team, including physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, and staff have over 22 years combined experience in conducting cancer research. Since the start of our research program at OOS, we have enrolled over 150 patients in our various trials. By enrolling in a Clinical Trial, you may benefit by participating and helping shape the future of oncology care. If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, please discuss this with your physician at your next office visit!


Learn more about clinical trials and how they can help, or ask your physician for more information. To learn about our current clinical trails, see Active Clinical Trials at OOS.