Personalized Medicine

Committed to Each Individual

At Oregon Oncology Specialists, we understand each patient’s journey is unique, and that there shouldn’t be a “one size fits all” treatment path. We strive to provide personalized plans. We test pathology tissue for different biomarkers and genetic mutations in hope of providing the latest in targeted treatments. We refer patients to genetic counselors as needed.

Comprehensive, cutting-edge, compassionate care. That’s our commitment to you.

Examples of Personalized Medicine:

  • One patient was devastated to hear she had Stage IV lung cancer. Her Physician was able to test the tumor mutation and found it could be treated with a daily tablet that targeted her cancer. This treatment has enabled her to feel well for over 18 months and she’s going strong. She felt well enough to travel with her family.
  • Some of our patients are tested to see if their tumor has a biomarker that will respond to immunotherapy, allowing them to use medications to help their own bodies fight cancer.