Support for Your Cancer Journey

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Support Groups

Walking the Cancer Journey alone can be challenging.  If you want to walk your cancer journey with others, support groups are a great place to start. They’re found in many different places and take many different forms.

Local Support Groups

Bright Pink’s Salem Chapter gives women with increased risk for breast or ovarian cancer invaluable face-to-face connections with other women living with similar challenges and experiences.

Salem Cancer Institute offers a number of support groups ranging from education to management to fitness. These include:

  • Artistic groups that encourage cancer patients to express themselves through art and share their work.
  • Fitness groups that can motivate cancer patients to keep themselves strong and fit to improve outcomes and improve recovery.
  • Support groups that focus on specific types of cancer, for example: breast or prostate cancer patients.

Additional Options for Support Groups

  • Check social media sites such as Facebook.
  • Ask friends for suggestions.
  • Your church may have offerings.
  • The local YMCA might host groups.
  • Many cancer or disease-specific groups exist and can be found through a quick Google search.

If you would like to discuss supportive care with a member of our team, please call us at (503) 561-6444 to schedule an appointment.