Our New Name – Oregon Oncology Specialists

Our name is new, but our practice is not. We are still physician-owned, with the same highly trained specialists and caring staff. And our history of providing patients with advanced, compassionate cancer care in the Willamette Valley dates back almost 40 years.

Why did Hematology Oncology of Salem change its name to Oregon Oncology Specialists?

Patients come to us from across Oregon, and we chose a new name to reflect that fact. The new name is also a little easier to say and remember.

Our former name, Hematology Oncology of Salem, dates back to the early 2000s. We recently remodeled our offices and updated our website to make the care experience more comfortable and convenient. While we were making those changes, we decided the time was right to update our name.

Has the ownership of the clinic changed?

The ownership of the clinic is the same. The doctors, nurses, advanced practice providers, and staff are the same. Only our name is different.

Are you part of a larger chain?

We are a physician-owned partnership deeply committed to the local community. In fact, we are one of the last physician-owned oncology practices in the Pacific Northwest. That means we don’t answer to a corporate entity or some far-away office. We make all our own decisions about our practice.

Is my doctor/provider still there?

Our physicians haven’t changed. The providers and staff you know and trust with your care remain the same. And we are still focused on providing highly advanced care in a compassionate and personalized setting.

Will you still see hematology patients? Why isn’t “hematology” in the name anymore?

Our hematology patients remain very important to us, and we continue to provide hematology care. Our new name focuses on oncology because the majority of our patients are oncology patients.

Does the “Oregon” in “Oregon Oncology Specialists” mean you are no longer a local organization?

We remain a locally based organization. Our providers and staff are deeply committed to the Willamette Valley area. Our new name reflects the fact that the care we provide is as advanced and as high quality as any cancer care in Oregon. It also reflects the fact that we see patients who come from all across Oregon.

Does your name mean you are expanding to other parts of the state?

We don’t have any current plans to open new offices. Our four office locations in Salem, McMinnville, Silverton and Woodburn already serve patients from a wide geographic area, including the Willamette Valley, the Oregon coast, and eastern and southern Oregon, as well as patients from out of state.

How was the new name chosen?

All of our physicians and staff joined in a collaborative process to choose our new name. The process was led by Gard Communications, one of Oregon’s leading communications firms with significant experience in healthcare.

Is anything else changing? Are more changes coming?

You may have noticed that our website has been modernized and our office space has been beautifully remodeled. We hope those changes make your care experience more convenient and more comfortable.

Our mission is unchanged – to provide the highest quality, most advanced care, and to treat all of our patients with the utmost compassion, honesty and respect. Our commitment to providing excellent, personalized service also remains the same.

Most important of all are the relationships we form with our patients. Those quality, caring relationships will always be at the center of our practice.