Support For Your Cancer Test

Support Groups Abound

If you want to walk your cancer journey with others, support groups are a great place to start. They’re found in many different places and take many different forms. A few suggestions:

  • Check social media sites such as Facebook.
  • Ask friends for suggestions.
  • Your church may have offerings.
  • The local YMCA might host groups.
  • Many cancer or disease-specific groups exist and can be found through a quick Google search.

Check out Local Support Groups

Bright Pink’s Salem Chapter gives women with increased risk for breast or ovarian cancer invaluable face-to-face connections with other women living with similar challenges and experiences.

Salem Cancer Institute also offers a number of support groups focused on cancer. These include:

  • artistic groups that encourage cancer patients to express themselves through art and share their work.
  • fitness groups that can motivate cancer patients to keep themselves strong and fit to improve outcomes and improve recovery.
  • groups that focus on specific types of cancer, for example: breast or prostate cancer patients.